Last Monday Holly Class and Beech Class from Ashlands and Cedar class from Misterton School went to the New Barn Field Centre. The three classes had a full day completing activities that would have been done in the Stone Age. This demonstrated to the children how hard life was in the Stone Age. All the children had a great day and this has inspired writing about the activities they got up to.


Firstly we saw some stone age round houses and went inside them. In there we grinded corn to make flour. We used a stone and rubbed it as hard as possible with a stone. Next we made medicine. You put it on where you have hurt yourself. We didn’t try it out. After that we tried out hunting with a fake spear. We needed to throw it as hard and as far as       possible. It wasn’t nice weather when we went but it was ok. We made some pots with clay. We made them with our hands. We also did painting with our fingers. It got very messy. In the afternoon we went in another roundhouse with a fire. It was so warm no-one wanted to get out. It was a good day on our trip. By Ruby-Dee (Year 4 – Ashlands).


On the trip to New Barn Field Centre the first thing we did was get into groups. I was making medicine from leaves. The Stone Age people would put the medicine on cuts and wounds. Then we did spear throwing and after that we went indoors and painted with our fingers using paints made of natural things. We then shaped pots with our thumbs and soon went back up the path to the Stone Age roundhouses. It was extremely chilly! Up there we mixed cream to make butter and learned 4 different ways to grind flour with stones. May favourite was the Saddle stone – you pushed the grains up the stone and then pushed them back down. Then we had lunch and hot chocolate which was very Yummy! When we had finished we went back into the roundhouses but this time they had fires inside and were toasty warm! I thought it was great. By Lottie (Year 4 – Ashlands)


Cedar, Holly and Beech class all went to the amazing New Barn Field Centre. A cave man jumped out at the class and shouted at us. Cedar, Holly and Beech class, who were very excited, all had a go at cave painting. The paint was made out of chalk and     charcoal and should have had animal fat. In the afternoon we sat around a fire in a rectangular house and the round house. By Juliet (Year 3 – Misterton)


The best activity was grinding stones together to make flour. The children had some corn and a stone. They pushed the stone to make flour. They used flour to make bread. Ellie (Year 2 – Misterton)