Mr Forsey’s Weekly Challenge!

Welcome to Mr Forsey’s Weekly Challenge page!

This is where I will be uploading all your scores and house points from my weekly challenge. Make sure you keep checking the page to see what everyone has been up to!

Week 5: Finding the Perfect Paper Plane!
George made three different planes, however he wasn’t very impressed with the other two. This one flew a whole 5 feet! Great work! (+3hp)

Ollie Oscar made two different planes, he told me the white one flew the best, well done! (+3hp)

Week 4: Tea Bag Challenge!
George, Rupert, Charlotte, Poppy, Kai, Lucas and William all had a go at this weeks challenge in school! Poppy, William and Rupert all managed to get the tea bag in the pot! Look how difficult Mrs Millett made it for them! (+3hp)

Look how impressive this is! Jack had a go with his Nanny and Grandad and they all had loads of fun! +3 house points for Jack’s family!

Mary has blown me away this half tern with how much effort she has been putting in to these challenges! #Aspiration #Respect (+5hp)

Look at how many targets Nancy has! Looks great, well done! (+3hp)

Isabel managed to get 16 points on her challenge! Another super week well done! (+3hp)

Lexie had a little competition with her mum and brother! Look how excited she was when she got one in her target! Well Done Lexie! (+3hp)

Each of Ben’s cups were worth a point and he managed to get 5 point! Great work Ben! (+3hp)

Teddy gave himself a massive challenge this week. He was throwing the teabags from a great distance and kept going for a whole hour!  Well done Teddy (+4hp)


Week 3: Obstacle Course!
Mary had another great week this week! She improved her time and even had a target shot! Well done Mary! (+3hp)

George, Kai, Poppy and William all had a go at the obstacle course in school on Friday. They were super speedy!
George: 1:01 – Kai: 45.9 seconds – Poppy: 36 seconds – William 57.2 seconds. Well Done you guys! (+3hp each)



Look at Dylan go! Loving the action photos! Well done! (+2hp)

Look at this collage of Sam’s obstacle course! It looks really tricky! Well done Sam! (+3hp)

Amazing work on the obstacle course Teddy! (+3hp)

Owen had loads of fun on the obstacle course this week! On his first go he did it in 53 seconds and by the end he got it down to 40 seconds! Well done Owen! (+3hp)

This is Isabelle’s obstacle course! It looks really tricky! Well done Isabelle! (+2hp)

Jack completed his obstacle course today with his Nanny and Grandad. Love the action shot! (+2hp)

Week 2: Fruit and vegetables!
Mary and her family had loads of fun being FIVE different fruits! I love the runner bean! (+5 hp for the whole family!)

Jack had a go at being 4 different vegetables! He was a pea, a cauliflower, a runner bean and a carrot too! The carrot really made me laugh! Jack also tried a bean sprout, however he wasn’t a fan! Great effort this week Jack! (+4hp)

Luca had a go at being a banana and an Orange as well! Well done Luca! (+2hp)
Isla had a go at being a tomato! She also tried (and now loves!) sugar snap peas! Well done Isla! (+3hp)

Isabelle had a go at being a strawberry and a piece of celery! The stalk is great! (+2hp)


I bet you can’t get guess what fruit Tommie is! He tried a blueberry but he wasn’t a fan. Do any of you like blueberries? Well done Tommie! (+3hp)


Week 1: The sock challenge!
Mary’s target was the washing machine this week! On Monday, her score was 10 and she improved so much she got 16 on Friday! (+3hp)

Bobby got so much better as the week went on, getting 10 in the basket on Friday! Well done Bobby! (+2hp)

Keegan got 8 socks in his target! Great effort! (+2hp)

Scores on the doors:

Ethan – 22 (+2hp)

Taylor – 36 (+3hp)

Jack C – 38 (+3hp)

Evelyn L – 9 – also a special shout out to Evelyn’s Dad who joined in on the fun! (+2hp)

Tyler – 19 (+2hp)

Jake B – 30 (+2hp)

Jack T – 24 (+2hp)

Bertie – 28 (+2hp)