Welcome to Monkey Puzzle Class 

Welcome to Monkey Puzzle Class.  While we are remote learning I will keep up to date with all of the fun things that we are doing in Monkey Puzzle Class here on our page.

Week 4                                                                         Week 5

Winyard – 52

Bincombe  – 23

Seaborough – 28

Windwhistle – 40


Winyard – 22

Bincombe  – 18

Seaborough – 17

Windwhistle – 33

Week 8

Beau has written a beautiful story and entered the beanstalk reads competition! What a wonderful drawing Beau. 

Nancy has had an awesome last week of learning from home. She found a toad in her garden, went on a lovely walk, has been practicing balancing, completed the rock work for science and enjoyed some world book day painting!


Jake’s World Book Day activities! He loved figuring out who was behind the mask for the masked reader. 

Sam’s World Book Day activities. What awesome drawing! 

Fred enjoyed making bread fossils! 

What an awesome information sheet about fossil too! Good job Fred. 

The children wrote poems to our local NHS staff to say thank-you for all they have done for our during the lockdown!


Look at Mary’s fantastic spring poems! 

Charlie has an awesome half term playing all of the board games he had at home. He also made enjoyed making puzzles!

Aurelio has been working really well this week. Just look at his art work! 


Look at Sam’s fabulous cave paintings with chalk! I love the story Sam told with his cave painting. 

Bertie has written a fabulous signs of winter and spring poem and really enjoyed creating a stone age painting. Bertie’s painting represents his family, I am told it was a very messy activity but lots of fun!  Fantastic work Bertie. 

Week 7

Aurelio has written a fantastic poem about spring I love the detail in your poem Aurelio! He also enjoyed a walk with his  in the beautiful sunshine. 

Sam has got back into the swing of things after a lovely half term break. He worked really hard on his French and went out in his garden for inspiration for his poem! Sam has also been getting creative with his recycling – look at this fab boat he has made.

Freddy has started putting his uniform on at home to get him in the zone of home learning. I think that’s a great idea! I love Freddy’s poem – beautiful words and what lovely presentation! 


Fred’s name was sent off to NASA for inclusion on the Mars Perseverance mission, now Perseverance successfully landed to the delight of Fred his name is on Mars for the aliens to find, forever! How cool is that!? 

Fred has also been developing his cooking skills over lockdown and this week he made lasagna and next week is enchiladas! Yum yum. 


Mary had another fabulous week. She has been making the most of the snow and cooked a chicken, chorizo and leek pie for her tea! Mary has completed all the learning that has been sent out. I was particularly impressed with Mary’s commitment to the science learning this week. Mary conducted all the experiments and wrote all her results up as well as writing scientific explanations. 


Week 6

Aurelio and Emilio are lucky to be celebrating the half term with this delicious looking chocolate cake. You have both worked hard and it is well deserved! 

Sam had lots of fun learning about the water cycle, he even made a cloud in a jar! Sam also tested out lots of planes for Mr Forsey’s weekly challenge. 


Sophia, Lexie, Harry and Jake designed great posters at school for internet safety day! 


Joe used excel to record his results when looking at properties of materials in his home. Joe also conducted an experiment using chocolate. He put some chocolate in warm water and some in cold – what do you think happened to the chocolate? 

Lexie has enjoyed doing science experiments this weekend with freezing liquids. She chose a yoghurt which makes a lovely frozen treat. The oil and water was her favourite though, spent ages doing this .


Sam and Jake had fun doing the firework science experiment. They both wrote up their results afterwards.


Beau dressed up beautifully for dress to express day! 

Nancy has been enjoying her learning from home. She completed the science experiments and wrote instructions on how to conduct the experiment. Nancy also had a lot of fun with her brother completing Mr Forsey’s weekly challenge. Nancy also spotted some deer footprints on one of her walks!

Mary has had another fabulous week! She has enjoyed predicting what would happen in the science experiments she conducted. Mary also made a timetable for ‘life in the day as prime minister’ and thought really hard about what kinds of things a prime minister would need to do in their day. Mary also enjoyed dress to express day! 


Bertie has enjoyed our science experiments. He even made predictions about what he thought would happen in the paper towel experiment and wrote up his results. Well done Bertie. 


Week 5


Well done to Lexie who complete Mr Forsey’s weekly challenge. Lexie competed with her Mum and brother to see who could get the most points.

Aurelio has been busy completing our science experiments and writing up his results. 

In-between school activities Beau has been playing music on her keyboard and sneaking in some cuddles! Beau enjoyed making bird feeders and watching the birds in her garden.  


Fred was very clever, after melting chocolate for his science experiment he used it to make some chocolate cake! Yummy! 

Sam has enjoyed completing our science experiments for this week. He particularly enjoyed the experiments using chocolate. Sam has also lost both of his front teeth! 


Charlie uploaded the results of his bird watch to the RSPB website! 

Fred has been enjoying walks with Obe and Daddy. He also really impressed me with his science work. Fred looked at all his materials and thought about how many properties they had.

Jake wrote a lovely good news story, thinking about how he demonstrate our school values. He also used items around his house to complete our science activity – sorting materials by their properties. 

Immy rewarded herself for all of her hard work this morning by making what looks like a delicious Creme Egg brownie! 

Sam did an awesome job of sorting some of the items in his house into groups based on their properties. Well done Sam.


Jake’s fantastic poster on how to protect birds and his results from the birds he spotted in his garden! 


Nancy has thrown herself into her learning. She has been making bird feeder and drawing a beautiful picture of a robin. Nancy is also enjoying lots of long walks! 


Look at Chloe’s fabulous drawing and warning poster! Chloe has also been very busy making music on an app that her sister showed her. As well as all of that Chloe is also on her 9th reading book of the year already! I am glad you are enjoying reading. 

Mary had such a busy week last week. She made bird feeders and wrote instructions on how to make them! She has also been busy drawing and watching the birds coming into her garden. Mary also enjoys searching for the word of the day with her cat! 


Week 4


Harry, Lexie and Sophia have been busy making bird feeders and putting them down Forest School to entice the birds.


I love Sam’s protect the birds poster. They are so eye catching! 

I am so proud of Fred who has used Excel to record his Bird Watch results. He even made a graph out of his data, I know where to come when I need help on my computer! Charlie also recorded his data using JIT5. Very impressive boys! 


Bertie has really enjoyed our Bird Watch topic this week. He has been out in his garden and recorded his results, over the weekend he is going to upload his results to the RSPB website. 


Ben has enjoyed this weeks learning from home. I love the imaginative way that Ben has been learning his 4x table. He has been making cakes, adding 4oz at a time. Ben also made some bird feeders to attract the birds to his garden so he could could them for our bird watch. Ben has also been working hard in Maths and is still enjoying our White Rose Maths questions!  

Fred has written an informative leaflet about a Chaffinch. I am very impressed with the skills Fred used to create this poster. 

Charlie enjoyed our Teams meeting and has been putting his bird feeders out in the snow. He has also been playing Monopoly with his family. 


Queenie has had a very exciting few days! She has a fab time out in the snow with her sisters. She has been learning how to play chess with Frida. Queenie also sold a piece of art to someone in London, how amazing! 


Sam has been busy making a bird feeder to encourage birds into his garden. I wonder how many he spotted? 


Jake has enjoyed our bird watch topic this week. He has made lots of bird feeders for his garden and his hoping to spots lots of birds! 

I am so proud of Bo who has been practicing her handwriting. Bo is hoping to achieve her pen license this year! Well done Bo. 


Nancy has made a clay pot like those from skara brae, I am very impressed with the detail in Nancy’s pot! Nancy has also made two lovely cakes to please all her families tastes and has been on walks everyday in the fresh air. 

Fred has been out birdwatching with Obe! He even managed to get his hands on some binoculars. 


Sophia wowed me with her wishing tale story from last week. She has written a fantastic story using all the year 3 writing features we were learning! 

Lexie has been looking for birds and was really proud of the wishing tale she wrote last week. I was very impressed with the writing features she included. 


Sam has worked well and made a camp for his teddy dinosaur “T-rex-x” the Character he has named in his wishing tale. Sam also enjoyed playing in the snow with his daddy and Elsie on Sunday, they all had a snow ball fight! He has also drawn some beautiful pictures of some birds as part of our birdwatch week. 


Bertie has thoroughly enjoyed our Stone Age topic, he even made his own spear! Impressive! 

I also really enjoyed reading Bertie’s wishing tale – he used all the Year 3 writing features we had been learning.  


Aurelio had a very busy week completing his home learning, he wrote a fantastic wishing tale about Ug using our Year 3 writing features. On Saturday he made some chocolate chip cookies with marshmallows with Emilio. This weekend he also went on muddy and snowy walks😊.

Mary has written a fabulous wishing tale this week on her computer. Mary looked at the L:O for each day and made sure she included that feature in her writing. I was very impressed. She has roped all of her family in to do Mr Forsey’s weekly challenge – can you guess what fruit Mary is?  

Charlie has been enjoying the BBC teach videos. He also went on a virtual camp and completed activities online and via YouTube. Charlie was set a forced perspective photography task, make a carrot look bigger than your Beaver 😂. Charlie also went out for a walk on Monday and has also managed to fit in completing his home learning activities. 



Week 3

This week my proud wall and green leaves have been awarded to:

Jake has been enjoying sewing which he did for his work on Stone Age, he said it was calming.


Lexie was in school today and has been working really hard. We were dancing yesterday in PE and today we have been writing our problem to our wishing tale. Lexie even brought in her new Heely’s for me to see! 

Fred has been busy planning his wishing tale. He has also been enjoying singing in our music lessons! Well done Fred. 


Jake has been busy planning his wishing tale. Jake is also really interested in life hacks this week, he spent this morning explaining that if he had an Oreo biscuit and a hair dryer he could increase the volume of the filling. Interesting! 


Joe has been very busy. As well as completing our home learning he even had time to write a letter to me from Jeff Stelling AKA the guy who does Soccer Saturday – bet you can’t guess what he wrote to tell me! Great work Joe! 

Beau went on a long walk at the weekend with her family and has also been getting creative!  

Bertie has had an exciting week, he has been out walking, has finished reading the Tom Fletcher book he got for Christmas and been enjoying Mr Forsey’s challenge! Bertie has also enjoyed the lessons on the Stone Age and our reading comprehension about how to skin a bear. Keep up the good work Bertie! 


Chloe has been completing her home learning but also making cakes, ooh they look yummy Chloe! She has also been getting creative with her recycling! Chloe has also been getting through all the books on her book case. I wonder if she will finish them all by the time we get back to school? 

Chloe had fun doing Mr Forsey’s challenge. She challenged Imogen and her Dad, the winner gets to choose a treat each weekend! Unfortunately Chloe didn’t win this week so her Dad got to choose the treat. Good luck for this week Chloe! 

In between completing his home learning Aurelio has found time to bake some cakes with Emilio! If they are anything like your Mums Aurelio they will be amazing! 

Mary has had a very exciting week! As well as completing all of her home learning Mary dressed up for PE with Joe on Friday, she made mug doughnuts with her scout group and made her favourite dinner one night! Looks like you have had a fantastic week Mary. I was really impressed with Mary’s learning this week as well she has completed all tasks to a very high standard! Mary even made a French PowerPoint where she embedded voice clips of her speaking French! It was very impressive. Well done Mary.


Fred has been very busy! He has been using a dictionary to find out the definition of our word of the day. Fred has become more confident when using a dictionary to find words. Fred has also written a story with his Nanny. He wrote a sentence and then his Nanny wrote a sentence. I think he must have been telling his Nanny about our Year 3 writing features as they both used them in their sentences! Well done Fred and Nanny. 

Ben has got on really well with English this week, he has mastered the singular and plural tasks. He is enjoying the bite size quizzes. Ben has also been on a long walk to burn off some energy. He’s managed to catch up with Jake and Joe on the Xbox and has been playing draughts and hangman. What a busy week Ben! 


Beau has designed a book cover and has been working really hard this week. Think she might be teaching her cat! Beau has also been on a walk with her family, her and Niamh got very muddy! 



Green leaves and proud wall for Monkey Puzzle this week are: 


Charlie found an article about world’s oldest animal cave painting that he wanted to share. Clink the link below to read all about it! 


Freddy has been very busy this week! I was also impressed by the video that Freddy sent me, he was speaking French!

Charlie has been working so hard I am so impressed! He has even had time to make brownies, they look very yummy!

I was very impressed with Jake’s comprehension work using the ‘how to skin a bear’ text. 

Lexie and Sophia have been busy doing French activities at school! Miss Bailey had to polish up on her French! Bonjour! 


Jake and Sam have been doing some fantastic work about the Stone Age. 

Well done to Ben, Charlie and Sam for achieving their reading certificates.


Carmen has been working hard this week. She has been completing lots of the work I have set as well as finding time to go on walks with her brothers and baking some cookies. 

Chloe has worked so hard this week. She is enjoying her learning at home in her PJ’s! I can see that Chloe has been really focused this week, well done Chloe. 


Queenie has been getting creative at home! Wonder who she is calling? 

Week 1

Mary has had a fab week! I have been very impressed with Mary’s ICT skills, she wrote her letters on the computer and made a power point for our PSHE lesson. Mary’s letter was a letter to the weatherman complaining about the forecast. She has also been practicing her French and sent me a video of herself it was very impressive! 

Charlie has worked very hard and is looking forward to joining in with Razzmattazz at the weekend, let us know how you get on Charlie!


Bertie has worked super hard this week, he has written a diary entry about his Christmas, he wrote a letter to me tell me about his learning this week and is looking forward to enjoying some fresh air with his family this weekend.


Sam has worked so hard this week. He has written a letter me telling me about how he is getting on with his learning and has been reading to the teddy bear that he got for Christmas. 


Jake and Fred found some very interesting places to read! 


Ben has been working really hard this week. Ben has been enjoying the maths work we have been doing and has completed 120 reads. 


Charlie has really impressed me with his positive attitude to his remote learning. Charlie has also done some science at home looking at concave and convex images, he’ll be doing some baking this weekend too I am looking forward to seeing what Charlie makes! 


I am so proud of Immy, she has blown me away with her work this week. She has started her remote learning positively and is enjoying the White Rose videos for our Maths lessons. 

I am so proud of Freddy he has tried really hard this week with his learning. He has also been busy using plasticine and planting and enjoying a trip to the park. 

Jake has been very busy! He has been working really hard on his maths work, I am very impressed. 

Aurelio has been busy writing a diary entry about his Christmas holidays. I am very impressed with Aurelio’s handwriting. He also went on a shape hunt! Aurelio also said that he was proud of acheiveing his pen lisence last year, I am too Aurelio. He would also like to practice his football as he would one day like to become a professional footballer. 


Fred wrote a lovely diary entry about his Christmas holidays and knew a lot about the Stone Age! I was expecting our History expert to enjoy this.  

Jake was very inventive with his maths today! He also found out what the word relinquish means and use it in a sentence. 

Aurelio shared some picture with me of his Christmas holiday! Looks like him and Emilio had lots of fun!

I am glad I wasn’t a Bo’s house on Christmas day they were up at 5am!!!!! 

Bo has enjoyed a lovely long walk today with her family.

Joe’s Mum has enjoyed today’s Maths lesson – for every chocolate she has Joe tells her the shape! Good work I wish I had kept the lesson back to do at school now. 

Jake wrote a fantastic diary entry using Year Three writing features and by the looks of things is looking forward to learning about the Stone Age this term. 


Sam has really impressed on our first day of remote learning. He has written his diary entry and enjoyed looking at shapes within his house. He has also kept himself active and kept his mum company on a dog walk this afternoon. 


Forest Schoo

This week we have been creating pieces of Art down Forest School. The children really enjoyed using things from the environment to create their artwork. 


Who’s Who?


Miss Bailey                    Mrs Grasby