On Thursday 13th October we celebrated harvest by holding our Harvest morning. This involved a number of different activities themed around harvesting here and around the world.

For the first time, the children worked in their new House Teams.


The children moved from activity to activity throughout the morning. They learnt about where their food comes from around the world with Mrs Hooper and Mrs Chesterman, creating maps to show the home of their favourite.

Miss Knight and Mrs Grasby took the children to the wildlife area and they made natural sculptures including combine harvesters, cars as well as a number of different animals.

Mrs Millett and Miss Martin helped the children create beautiful autumn leaves using their cutting and sticking skills by using cellophane. The results were fantastic with the feeling of a stained glass window for autumn.

Mrs Chick and Mr Coath used the farmer’s best friend, the Wellington boot, to have fun welly wanging! The children threw with all their might and scored points for their team.