Virtual Classroom

Whist our school is closed for distance learning, I am posting Hazel Class’s efforts at home on here. Celebrating your time at home and wow moments. Send me your pictures and updates for a special mention.

Pop on to check out who has achieved a green leaf and to watch for the house point running total…

w/c 22.2.21

Winyard – 20

Bincombe  – 10

Seaborough – 10

Windwhistle – 14

Allusionist 35: Word of the Day — The Allusionist

w/c 1.3.21

Monday: fortune
Tuesday: glisten
Wednesday: amazingly
Thursday: delve
Friday: binoculars

Our Home Learning:

Look at this amazing picture Isabelle has created! She has hidden 10 Easter eggs in it…can you find them all? Bonus points if you can find the Easter bunny too!

Chloe has been working hard at home. She has been working so hard on her phonics and the improvement in her work is amazing!

Coco is on our proud wall this week – Well done!

CS proud wall for website

Finn has had lots of fun practicing his phonics by playing silly soup.

Ashlee has made a saltdough ambulance complete with star wheels as they are all stars! How lovely!

Finn has been working hard on his maths.

Bobby has been working hard again at home. He has done lots of amazing planning for his wonderful poem.

Chloe has made her name using her blocks. Fabulous letter formation practice!

Kaiya has drawn a beautiful picture of a blue lizard with a colourful rainbow. Well done Kaiya!

Green leaves:

22.2.21 green leaves

Finn has blown me away with this model of our classroom complete with desks, the reading area and the toys.

Wow! I had to double check this amazing handwriting wasn’t sent from a year 4! Owen is working really hard on his handwriting and it is certainly paying off!

Bobby is working really hard at home. He is making sure he does his word of the day every day! This one is the word ‘dazzling’.

Bobby wanted to show everyone his cool Mario lego. It is amazing!

Isabelle has got her 160 reads. Well done Isabelle!

Isabelle 160 reads

Johnny worked hard over half term. Well done Johnny!

Ashlee has been working really hard with his handwriting which looks amazing! Well done Ashlee!

Bobby has continued to work his socks off throughout lockdown. He has done his word of the day every single day and I am really impressed by how much his handwriting has improved! Well done Bobby. Here is some of his work from this week and just before half term.

Look at the instructions for Emmet’s amazing magnetic game. He sent me through an excellent video showing how it all works. Well done Emmett.

Green Leaves:

Hazel Green Leaves 8.2.21

Emmett enjoyed taking part in our egg drop experiment.

Look at Finn’s amazing maths! Wow Finn – you superstar!

Keegan has been busy painting beautiful butterflies on a nice sunny day.

Isla has found a monster down at Happy Valley!! I wonder if anyone else has seen it? She has also been doing a kindness bingo where she had to write 3 nice things about herself. We could add about a million more I am sure!!

Crystal has been out searching for items for our scavenger hunt. She has also been really kind and has helped make a cake and some items for a birthday breakfast for her sister.

Here is some more wonderful work from Bobby. I like that he is wearing a hat to read about a hat!

Bobby has again written an awesome sentence for our word of the day ‘The spectators make me nervous.’ He has also been experimenting with magnets.

Reading certificates:

Well done to Luca, Hermione and Isla for their reading certificates. Keep up the amazing reading.

Dress to Express:

Dress to express Hazel

Isla has been independently practicing her numbers all the way up to 100! Wow!

I am blown away by this incredible painting by Isabelle! Wow! It is her ideal day camping in a nature park with swings and a picnic. She says if  you want you can get stairs from the slide to the rainbow and then slide on the rainbow. The dogs are playing with a pink ball and she is doing yoga on a mat. She used a sponge to do the clouds and I’m sure you will agree that they look so realistic! It is amazing! She has also been making Chinese Lanterns to celebrate Chinese New Year.

Owen has had a really busy week! He is working hard with his maths and his writing. He was helped by his brother and sister to complete the Egg drop challenge! I am really impressed with how hard he is pushing himself. He also made this amazing looking cake – yum!

Luca is having a session with the Royal Museum of Greenwich on the planets. I am looking forward to him teaching me what he has learnt!

Johnny has been enjoying his exercise this week. He has also been painting for mental health week.

Eve has been working really hard at home! She enjoyed taking part in the egg drop experiment and was relieved when her egg survived! She had a screen free day on Tuesday to celebrate her Dad’s birthday – look at the cake she helped to create!

Isabelle has completed her homelearning this week. Look at this amazing work! Well done!

Bobby has worked hard to sort these objects into natural and manmade objects. He’s also doing so well with his spelling games. Well done Bobby!

Bobby has excelled himself with his word of the day sentence: My sister was playing erratically.’ Well done Bobby! I love how you have sorted your objects into materials too.

Green leaves:

1.2.2021 Green Leaves

Chloe has made some delicious looking cakes! Yummy!

Ashlee is challenging himself to read a tricky book. Well done Ashlee!

I cannot stop being impressed by Chloe’s amazing handwriting! She’s working so hard at home and her wonderful work always makes me smile. She has drawn Luca as her superhero.

Johnny is working really hard at home. He is doing lots of amazing maths work – well done Johnny!

Look at this wonderful phonics work from Finn.

Bobby is still working hard on his word of the day sentences. ‘My school clothes were pristine.’ He has also been thinking about the different materials his toys are made from.

Keegan drew his Mum as his superhero. We support this completely! Thank you for everything you are doing.

Wow Owen. You are doing some amazing work at home – keep it up superstar!

Look at this amazing story from Isabelle. I am going to try and hide it from Mrs Hooper so she doesn’t steal her into year 4!

Bobby has been working hard again on his maths! Well done Bobby. I love how well you have answered the questions about the reading too.

Keegan has been working hard over the weekend by helping to clean his Dad’s van. He has also drawn a picture of people swimming at the beach when the virus has gone. What a lovely idea!

Isla has been doing lots of reading at home. She has also drawn a picture of her superhero, our very own Ashlee. His superpowers are kindness and friendship which we would all agree with!

Ashlee has been teaching me some Makaton signs. This one here is ‘butter’. He has also taught me: Look, cat, yoghurt, more and juice. What a superstar!

Finley has been blowing me away with his amazing maths he is doing at home. Look at that beautiful handwriting too – well done Finley!

Look at how amazing Owen is! That looks like an awesome den to do some reading in!

Reading certificates:

Green Leaves:

25.1.2021 Green Leaves

Finn is loving all of the phonicsplay games at home. Look at his amazing phonics writing from the comic. Well done Finn!

Keegan has really impressed his family with his enthusiasm today. He’s worked his socks off with all of his activities. Well done Keegan!

Johnny has been working hard with all his maths. Keep up the great work Johnny!

Ashlee has been working hard this week. He’s found a wonderful phonics game to play on his ipad. Well done Ashlee!

Finn enjoyed listening to the story I read for them and has completed a brilliant review. Well done Finn!

Keegan has worked hard to complete the forest school section of our homelearning this week. Try and work out what is different between these two pictures!

Bobby is still really enjoying using our words of the day in sentences. ‘I don’t know what asparagus tastes like. Lego is petite.’ He’s also worked hard sorting the bears into old and new. Great work Bobby!

Josh is working really hard on his letter formation! Look at that concentration – well done Josh! I am very proud of you.

Ashlee continues to impress me with his amazing attitude to homelearning. What a little superstar!

When I received this picture from Isabelle I had to check my eyes were not deceiving me! She has coloured in this picture of a wolf so beautifully! Not only that, she used her own money to buy it for her dad. Such a wonderfully kind girl. She has also made beautiful suncatchers, cupcakes and a lovely snow angel.

Crystal has been working her socks off at home! She has done all her reading and has also found time to bake cookies. Yum!

Emmett has been taught by the wonderful Albert which he has really enjoyed this week! He’s been working hard on his phonics too – well done Emmett!

Bobby is back with an excellent word of the day sentence using the word ‘incredible’. ‘eating without my tonsils is incredible.’ What a superstar!

Keegan has done some amazing outdoor learning this week as well as some excellent writing. He also enjoyed the snow on Sunday. Good job Keegan!

Isabelle has been impressing us all with her amazing work at home. Some really descriptive sentences in there! Well done!

Look at this amazing maths work from Johnny! Wow!

Bobby is continuing to impress me with his word of the day sentences! ‘Lions lurk in the grass.’ Look at that wonderful full stop too Bobby! That earned you an extra 2 housepoints!

Finley is still working super hard at home which is amazing news! Keep it up Finley!

I cannot get over how amazing Finn’s handwriting is getting. Keep up the amazing work Finn!

Chloe is not only working her socks off when she is in school she is also producing this amazing work at home too! Wow Chloe!

Green leaves:

18.1.2021 Green Leaves

Look at this amazing prayer from Keegan. It reads ‘God, please get rid of the bug. Help the scientists. Help people get better. God help the Doctors and Nurses not be so busy’. Keegan, we could not have said it better. What a wonderfully kind and considerate boy.

I love how Bobby is using our word of the day in a sentence each day. Great use of the word ‘cautiously’! ‘I cautiously fed the tiger.’

Wow Chloe! The improvement in your handwriting is amazing! Keep up the wonderful work.

Reading certificate time! Well done Bobby for getting your 50 reads certificate!

Bobby 50 reads

Look at this awesome work from Finn! He completed all of this even when he wasn’t quite in the right mood for it – we all know how that feels!

I love Bobby’s sentence using our word of the day ‘brittle’ – great job! He’s also been working really hard with his reading. Keep up the brilliant work Bobby!

Ashlee continues to amaze us all with his amazing homelearning! He’s been talking about old and new toys and trying his hand (and toes apparently!) at some very tricky maths!

Arabella has been working hard at home getting lots of reading done. Well done Arabella!

Ashlee has been working hard on his maths. He also went on a nice walk and spotted lots of historical places.

Keegan has enjoyed playing phonics games on his iPad. He’s also made some delicious looking pizzas!

I love Bobby’s creative idea for where to read his books! Can you spot him? His amazing work is continuing to make me smile. Keep it up superstar!

Isabelle has helped her Mum to create some special crafts for others to enjoy. We are so impressed with your kindness! She has also worked hard on all her homelearning this week. Well done!

Eve has been working hard on all her learning this week! What beautiful writing!

Finn is still wowing his mum with his wonderful French! Keep up the wonderful work lovely boy!

Emmett has worked hard this week retelling the story of the three little pigs!

Isabelle has been reading lots at home and has got her 120 and 140 reads certificates! Well done Isabelle – we are very proud of you.

Isabelle 120 reads
Isabelle 140 reads

Our Green Leaves this week:

11.1.2021 Green Leaves

Bobby has been working his socks off!! So much amazing work completed. Well done Bobby!

Ashlee has been working hard at home and has been amazing with his independent learning too! Keep it up Ashlee!

Chloe joined in with her big brother’s learning and drew an amazing Aboriginal Hand. She is working so hard and we are all very proud of her.

Finn has been impressing his mum and Liv with his excellent French accent! He is working so hard on all his learning – well done Finn!

Emmett enjoyed watching the pantomime with lots of snacks and blankets – it looks very comfortable! He is also doing really well with his maths – Well done Emmett!!

Keegan has been working hard on his maths as well as completing some science experiments!

Finn and Liv enjoyed watching the pantomime. They had some yummy snacks and managed to find their magic portal!

Evelyn has had a lovely morning watching the pantomime! She had a go at drawing what she thought Granny would look like.

Green leaves

4.1.2021 Green Leaves

Chloe has got her 80 reads certificate. Well done Chloe!

Chloe 80 reads certificate

Finley has been having lots of fun out on his walks with his family. They have also made some cookies – I’m sure they were delicious!

Keegan has worked his socks off…and then used them to help with Mr Forsey’s challenge!

Isabelle has worked her socks off this week! Look at all that amazing work. I really love your den Isabelle.

Finn has had lots of fun using scrabble tiles for his phonics this week.

Chloe has been blowing us away with all her amazing work! I love your den Chloe – looks fabulous!

Chloe has been working hard at home and making sure she takes a bouncy break when she can!

Ashlee has worked so hard on his writing – keep it up Ashlee!

What beautiful writing from Finn – you little superstar!

Evelyn has been out and about in the woods for her exercise and has still found time for this fabulous work! I love your kind invention!

What a wonderful card from Finley. You’ve been working so hard – keep it up!