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Remote Learning January 2021

During our remote learning this term, I will use this webpage to upload some of the photos that you send me and to celebrate your achievements – green leaves, reading certificates and housepoints for example.

Housepoints in week 8 were earned by: Chloe,  Raffy, Jack C, Liv, Olivia, Krystal, Tyler, Albert, Jack T, Tommie, George, Rita, Emilio, Rishi, Alfred, Ted, Amelia, Rose-Ann and Wyatt – well done to all of you.

It looks like you have had fun investigating rocks and fossils this week, I’ve certainly seen some interesting pictures.



Raffy did a fantastic piece of work about the life of Mary Anning:

Jack T enjoyed his ‘last supper’ meal and finding out about the Bronze Age, and Jack C has been enjoying the music lessons on ONA:


Congratulations to all these people who have earned a green leaf this week:

I have really enjoyed seeing all of your poetry work this week. Here are some of the poems you have written:

Congratulations to Jack T, he has earned his 190 reads certificate.

Congratulations to Albert, Jack C, Olivia, Raffy, Tyler, Emilio, Jack T, Tommie and Chloe, they have all earned our Green Leaves for this week.

It’s been great speaking to you all on our TEAMs sessions this week. I hope you have all enjoyed the maths challenges and reading comprehension activities we have been doing, however I think we are ready for a well deserved half-term break!

It looks like you have all had fun with the water cycle investigations this week and I was impressed with the fake news work you did for Safer Internet Day.

Here are some of the other things youhave been doing this week – Joe Wicks, counting stars, decorating plates, telling the time and making delicious cakes.

Congratulations to Ethan, he earned our Green Leaf this week.

I think you all enjoyed doing the different science experiments for solids, liquids and gases last week, especially melting chocolate in your mouths. Here are some photos of your investigation work:

As partof Children’s Mental Health week you were asked to think about your feelings

This is Chloe’s story she wrote for RE – her own good news parable.

Congratulations to Albert, Chloe and Jack T, they earned our Green Leaves for last week.

It looks like you all had fun making bird feeders and ocunting birds a part of the Big Garden and Schools Birdwatch this week. You also made some excellent warning posters. Here are some of the pictures you sent me:


Congratulations to Alfred and Chloe, they earned our Green leaves this week.

Congratulations to Jack T he has earned his 160 reads certificate this week.

Well you have all been busy writing Stone Age stories and researching the Stone Age this week. This is some of your Stone Age work that you sent through to me:


These are some of the story plans and paragraphs you sent me:

Congratulations to George, he earned his 100 reads certificate:

Congratulations to Raffy and Jack C, they earned our green leaves this week:

It’s been great to see all of your work again, I particularly enjoyed reading all of your pantomime reviews.




Congratulations to Ethan and Albert, they earned our Green Leaves this week.


Congratulations to Emilio and Ethan for achieving their reading certificated this week:

You have all been busy working in your new remote learning books and these are some photos of some of the work you have sent me:


Green Leaves in week one were earned by: Emilio, Jack C and Liv

Congratulations to Jack C he has also earned his 80 reads certificate:

Whilst we are back to Home Learning, I will upload photos of your work and keep a record of housepoints and green leaves on this webpage.

We can also use this page as a record of our attempt to climb Mount Everest – we need to stay fit and healthy whilst we are isolating. Here’s the record sheet I’ll be updating:

Wednesday 18th November

I’ve seen some great maths work on equivalent measure this week, well done.

Liv and Rose-Ann have also sent me their anti-bullying jigsaw pieces.

Ethan has sent me a copy of his pictorial map of South West England and Ted has made a 3D map of the solar system – did you realise how much bigger Jupiter is than all the other planets?

Housepoints this week have been awards to:

Jack C, Liv, Ethan, Tyler, Jack T, Tommie, Emilio, Rishi, Ted and Rose-Ann.

Tuesday 17th November

These are some of the jigsaw sentences you wrote yesterday to stand united against bullying as part of anti-bullying day. They are all great sentences. Tyler also wore his odd socks for anti-bullying day.

Jack T has been impressing me with his English skills again, he wrote about his tractor again in his word of the day sentence and used some of writing feature his grammar work.

Monday 16th November

We’re doing really well with our staircase challenge, we’ve made it to the top of Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in Scotland. We are still trying to get to the top of Mount Everest, but our next achievable target is Mont Blanc in France (only another 1352 climbs to go…).

I really enjoyed seeing some of your pictures from your obstacle courses for Children in Need.

I’ve also received several county homework projects, they all look brilliant and I’m looking forward to being back in class so we can share them together.

Housepoint totals for last week:

Winyard: 58

Bincombe: 47

Seaborough: 39

Windwhistle: 18

Thursday 12th November

First of all, congratulations to Tommie, Tyler, Raffy, Jack C and Jack T for earning our Gren Leaf this week. I have been really impressed with everything you have done whilst learning at home.

Tommie and Raffy have been busy making scones – weighing, measuring and mixing ingredients, well done both of you, those scones look delicious.


I’m glad I’m not a monster – I wouldn’t want to try Jack’s monster pizza instructions – thic mud, rotten eggs and slimy slugs are needed!

You’ve also been learning about food chains – here are some of the matching pair activities you did.


Wednesday 11th November

We are doing really well with our stair case challenge, are you finding it any easier yet? Only another 100 flights to climb to get to the top of Scafell Pike – the highest point in England. It’s in the Lake District, why not have a look on a map and see if you can find it.

Mr Forsey asked you to write some sentences in French for today’s work – here are some of the sentences that were written. Super work everyone, well done.


Liv has been busy making cheese scones – these look delicious.

Jack T rose to my challenge – he included a tractor in his owrd of the day again and here is a picture of Rita busy working on her laptop.

Housepoints awarded yesterday:

2 points: Tyler, Tommie

4 points: Liv, Rita, Emilio, Rishi

5 points: Jack C, Jack T

Tuesday 10th November

We are doing really well with our stair case challenge, are you finding it any easier yet? Only another 100 flights to climb to get to the top of Scafell Pike – the highest point in England. It’s in the Lake District, why not have a look on a map and see if you can find it.

I saw some brilliant English work yesterday. I’m glad I’m not a monster and won’t have to try the monster pizzas you’ve been planning the ingredients for! Here is some of your work:

Jack T has been writing about tractors again for his word of the day:

And Tommie was rewarded with a lollypop for all his hard work – well done Tommie.

Housepoints awarded yesterday:

1 point: Alice

2 points: Tyler

3 points: Rose-Ann

4 points: Jack C, Jack T

5 points: Tommie

8 points: Raffy

Monday 9th November

Thank you to everyone who sent me pictures of what they had been up to yesterday, here are some of them:

Have a look at our running total for flights of stairs – we’ve done over 100 already. Look at the staircase that Albert has to climb – he has more than 15 steps but worked out he had done 24 flights altogether – well done Albert. 

In maths yesterday, you were looking at estimating, these are some of the questions you had to answer – well done to Jack C and Tommie.


You have been busy finding recipes and making scones, here is Tommie’s recipe and Jack T’s chocolate scones

Ted decided to make cookies instead of scones, he read the recipe, measured the ingredients, timed the oven and tasted his cookies.


I loved this sentence from Jack T using our word of the day – contemplate.

Ethan sent me a photo of his homework project – well done Ethan, I’m looking forward to seeing your leaflet and you being able to share it with the class.

Housepoints awarded yesterday:

2 points – Albert

3 points – Ethan, Tommie, Ted

4 points – Jack C

5 points – Jack T









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