Welcome to Ash Class

Who’s who?

Mr William Pearse EYFS Teacher Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Leigh Chick HLTA

Miss Hannah Osborne – Apprentice TA and MDSA


Hello and welcome to Ash class. We are a Reception class of 17 children with one class teacher and two teaching assistants.

We take our learning seriously but have a lot of fun inside and outside the classroom. Bringing the learning to life, making it real and sharing the learning with our family and friends. We never forget how blessed we are to have a great school and know how important it is to try hard and enjoy ourselves.

Lock Down              

Scarlette has gone maths crazy, must be the beautiful sunshine. Well done

 What a good rhyming game George has made. Lets all try this one at home.

 The birds are going to love this.

Spring 2 Week 1

Mrs Chick and Miss Osbourne- For there continued support and hard work during lockdown. Thank you

Scarlette- for her crazy maths; adding, subtracting and much more.


Sophie- For her reading efforts; segmenting and blending

Dexter GM- For his fine motor control and handwriting progress

Evelyn- Foe her time topic work

Week 6


 These are some great 2D shapes.


 Making a new phonics game. Look out for this first week back.


 Learning rhyming words ready for poetry.

 Writing a book review, very grown up. 


 Using paper and mache to make shapes, great fun Balthazar.


Dexter GM-Improving his writing.

Dexter T-Completing his maths challenges

Mela- Learning the new words linked to the ai sound.

Sophie-Learning the new sound with confidence.

Joseph- Joining in with fun.

Balthazar- Home learning and creativity.

Mental Health Week

Have you got some pictures to send in?

Week 5

 Great Noah’s Ark George. Did you count the animals 2X2?  Olivia made one too, I wonder how many animals will fit inside?

 I hope you cleaned your feet first George!!!

 Spelling, phonics and writing

 Olivia keeping active both outside. AHHHH she is stuck.

Great costume, can you guess who it is? 

 Jesse finding different ways to make 8 😊

 Wow, check out these number sentences completed by Scarlette.

 It is great to see children practising their writing and spelling daily.

 Look at these super cool letters made form playdough.

What a great way to learn how to spell words too.

 Fantastic number sentences completed from a home book.

 Creative craft dolly, looks a little like Mrs Chick.

 Please don’t forget to read books everyday and listen to stories too.

 Keeping active and learning about pond life.

 Crazy science, making a mess for your parents.

 Counting reliably using real objects is a fab way to practise.

 Baking cakes and keeping everyone happy in the home.

 Wonderful writing, practising your ‘ll’ digraph.


 We have been learning about the Bible story ‘Noah’s Ark’.


Dexter GM- For his attitude to learning in school.

Olivia Brown- For her amazing phonics and handwriting at home with mum.

Scarlette- For her amazing phonics and spellings.

Jesse- For super number work with the ladybirds task.


Evelyn-  showing Mr Pearse constant energy and performance at home with her parents.

Week 4

Keeping active

 You can keep active in so many ways and have lots of fun.


Counting the dancing raisins and ordering numbers. 

 Great number work Joseph.


 Book review   Writing those words with the new sound ‘th’


 Tricky Words  Completing a phonics puzzle for a break.


 Nice activity to check comprehension.

Home learning Success

 Beautiful Art work Evelyn. George’s fab robot  Look at this crazy face- great use of resources.

 Milo has had a great week.


Dexter T- Using his knife and fork properly.

Evelyn- Ordering her numbers to 20.

Olivia Bennett- Practising her ‘th’ sound in school.

George- Drawing a superhero car at home.

Milo- Practising his ‘sh’ sound at home.

Balthazar- Playing on-line games to support his learning.

Tomika- Creating a healthy meal.

Myah- Counting money using both addition and subtraction.

Week 3

      Please try Georges game of the week, its called ‘The Lava Game’. You have to jump on the words and read them with out hitting the lava.

If anyone else wants to share a game made at home, please email me.

Keeping active

 At the park with family.  Walking in the woods looking for things. 

Healthy Eating

 I think Olivia will be setting the menu at home from now on. 


 Making your own maths games. George made a game and when he got the answer right he received a sweet.

  Trying addition sentences and drawing 2 dimensional shapes with little help. WoW 

 Working out amounts using 1p, 2p coins. 


 Its great to see you all trying the new ‘qu’ sound. Lets start to learn a new one. 

 Looking for phonics sounds outside. 


 Using a black board to practice sounds, words and letter formations. It likes having a school at home.

 Using a good range of resources to practice writing Jesse. Sitting beautifully and having a great writing posture. 

Home learning Success

 Working with Mum, learning how to run a business. What an opportunity.

 I hope it was not to messy at home with the science experiment this week George.

 Finding your own resources is ok with me. This one was good for Olivia’s fine motor control.

  Jesse’s writing progress. We are very proud of him.

 Evelyn has been very busy. Trying hard with all her home learning.

What do you all think of George’s Slime Cakes? 

Here is a great story told by George. I think you will all love it.

 I love how much Milo has practiced his phonics, reading, writing. He has also played games and cooks some cakes.

 Kacper is busy working with paints and drawing. This is great for his fine motor control.


Scarlette- For going over and beyond the learning, challenging herself and completing tricky tasks.

Jesse- For his letter formation, letter size and writing efforts.

Mela- Speaking clearly in class with staff and friends.

Sophie- For growing in confidence, making a new friend.

Dexter T- For trying hard with all his tasks in school and asking for help.


George- For his engagement during home learning and positive attitude. Amazing

Evelyn- For going over and beyond and doing an amazing job with all she tries. 


Week 2

Keeping active 

 Digging for Dad


 Practicing counting reliably up to 10.     Making amounts with coins 1p, 2p and 5p.


  Mastering the ‘ch’ sound..  Mastering the ‘sh’ sound

Let us welcome our new phonics topic, ‘digraphs’.

A digraph is a combination of two letters representing one sound, as in ‘ch’. You can hear it in this word, ‘chip’. Try segmenting and blending. ch  i  p

Our new sound- ‘zz’ 


 I hope you all loved the pantomime ‘The National Elf Service’.  It was a good way to think about the following;

  • Hospitals
  • Healthy Eating
  • Healthy Teeth
  • Healthy body and mind
  • Sleep
  • Emotions
  • Fitness
  • Amazing me
  • Germs
  • Conflict Resolution

Home learning Success

 Making pizza for the family challenge- AMAZING

 Looking for sounds and number while out on a welly walk- VERY COOL

  Making a list of all the thing you want to do and what you did.

Milo has been busy….

Scarlette- Using her Christmas Chocolate money to practice counting 1p, 2p and 5pence coins.

Week 2

Olivia Brown- Completing a range of activities and learning all about mum’s business.

Mela Hartnell- Looking for numbers and letters on her welly walk during her home learning.

Week 3

Milo- Efforts towards working at home and completing a range of activities.



Dexter T- making new friends

Kacper- Reading his phonics words

Dexter G- Letter formations independently

Sophie- Trying hard with writing

Olivia B- Completing her number work with little support