The whole school welcomed Karen from the Carymoor Educational Trust on Monday morning. She led an assembly all about recycling, reminding everyone about the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling instead of sending everything to landfill. The children sang a song about bananas to help them think about reducing plastic packaging and saw photographs of the landfill site at Carymoor. 

During the morning both Year 2 and Year 4 took part in workshops led by Karen. 

Year 4 became time travellers and learnt all about protecting our planet for the future. They had to be archaeologists in 2100, looking at ‘samples’ from a landfill site of 2019 and decide how that waste had affected the planet of 2100. For example, all the electrical appliances that we throw away today will lead to a shortage of coltan metal used in the manufacture of appliances and make them expensive in the future; throwing batteries, ink cartridges and aerosols into landfill causes harmful chemicals to be released into the environment which pollutes all water – we had to make sure we took our water bottles when we travelled to 2100; and plastic will be very expensive in 2100, it is made from oil which will be running out by then. It was a fantastic activity with the children making links between all the work they have been doing this term and the song they have been learning for the Harvest Service.