Ash Class Farm Trip

On Tuesday 18th October, Ash class from Ashlands and Oak class from Misterton went on a trip to Coombe farm as part of their joint topic of ‘People who help us.’

It was a bus full of excited children who left school ready for a day of activities related to food and how it is produced. When we arrived we were shown into a barn where everyone sat on bales of straw which was great fun!

Soon it was time to start our exciting activities. We had a tour of the farm, made smoothies, learnt about healthy food where the children tried cucumber, sausages and radish! We also met Charlotte the wooden cow. The children then found out how to milk a cow by hand which was really interesting. There were also some large toy farms to play with which kept the children amused.

We had lunch in the barn (after throughly washing our hands!).

Finally we had a tour of the milking parlour to see the cows being milked. The cows were extremely curious and friendly. At the end of the day everyone was very tired but they all had a super day.

Many thanks to Coombe Farm for making it all possible.