School Council

Our School Council is made up of children from each class. Our older councillors help with organising and running the School Council.

We held elections at the start of the year where the previous year’s School Council came round to each class and told us what being on the School Council was all about. Then, if we thought we would do a good job, we put our names forward for the elections – they were very popular! To make sure it was fair, we held votes in our classes and voted for the 2 children we thought would make the best contribution to the school council.

The chosen councillors for this year are:

Ash Class – Bromley

Hazel Class – Harry and Imogen

Holly Class – Gracie and Stanley

Beech Class – Sienna, Archie and Ellie


Here is a photo of us all together!

The Role of the School Council

” I think the role of the school council is to show people around when they come to visit and to help people solve problems.” Ellie – Beech Class Year 4

“The role of the school council is to look after each other and to organise fundraising.” Sienna – Beech Class Year 4

“We help raise money for others.” Bromley – Ash Class Year 1

“The school council make our school a happier and friendly place.” Harry – Hazel Class Year 2

Our Chosen Charity

At our first council meeting, we collected ideas and voted on a charity that we would like to support as a school this year.

We have decided that we will be supporting School in a Bag.


We will be holding fundraising events and working with the charity over the year, so keep your eyes peeled! We are excited that we will be running an assembly with the people from School in a Bag in a few weeks time!

Click here to find out more

Wednesday 16th November – School Council work with School in a Bag

On Wednesday afternoon the School Council met a lady called Lis Foy who works with our chosen charity School in a Bag. She came to talk to us to give us more information about the charity and to show us things that come in the bags: there was a water bottle, a spork, a lunch box, six different books, a maths set, some colouring pencils, a pack of pencils with rubbers on the end, a set of pens, a ruler and finally a bag.

School in a Bag has distributed over 71,500 school bags to children over 34 countries. We found out that 1/5 of all children across the world don’t have the opportunity to go to school. School in a Bag helps children by giving them lots of the things they will need to help them learn.

The School Council are going to arrange some fundraising activities to raise money for this fantastic charity. Each bag costs only £20. We get the chance to pack every bag that we buy and can track the bag to find out exactly where the bag goes to and even the name of the child who receives it using the tracking number.

The School Council will also be working with Lis on an assembly for the whole school to find out more about School in a Bag in a few weeks time.

By Sienna, Ellie and Archie

Beech Class School Councillors

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Our responsibilities

In our School Council meetings, which we have at least once per month, we work very closely with Miss Williams and Mrs Lawrence to ensure that we are part of making decisions about our school. We organise and spend our own budget, choosing things that we believe would improve the school for all of us. We collect ideas from our classmates and bring these ideas to School Council meetings.

We are currently working closely with Mrs Noake to introduce lunch time leaders into our school. We have discussed with her the qualities that we think these people should have and what their role should be. Our councillors from Beech Class are now working hard to organise the children that have put their name forward for this extra responsibility and will be part of training them and ensuring they carry out their roles well.

Minutes of meetings

Please find the minutes of our meetings here to keep up to date with what is going on with the School Council. These minutes are shared with each class by the School Councillors after meetings.



14th December 2016

Other Fundraising

We are decided that we wanted to dress up as our hero or in spotty clothes for Children in Need day on Friday 18th November this year. Everyone looked great in their costumes and outfits. Well done to everyone! We raised some money for a great charity too!