CISP Attendance Guidance Mar 2017 (2)


Holidays in Term Time

The government and local authorities are now expecting schools to be even tougher on parents who choose to remove their child from school during term time with the introduction of penalty fines and warning penalty notices. As a group of schools we have agreed that our children deserve the best opportunity to access as many school days as possible and to ensure this we have agreed the following:

  • Schools will support the Local Authority who will issue families with a penalty fine of £60 per pupil, per parent where any child is absent from school for 10 consecutive unauthorised sessions (5 days). This means that in the future, families can expect a fine of £60 per pupil, per parent for taking a holiday of a week or more. Children who are absent from school with illness for a week or more will not be fined but will be expected to produce evidence of illness (e.g. doctor’s notes).
  • Children who have 10 or more unauthorised absences in any 12 week period may receive a warning penalty notice. Children who receive a notice will be expected to attend school for a given number of weeks without any further absences – otherwise a penalty fine will be incurred. Where a penalty warning notice is issued any illness absences must be accompanied by evidence of illness (e.g. doctor’s notes).
  • There may be exceptional circumstances where leave is granted and these can be put in writing to your child’s school. Where a family’s children attend more than one school then these circumstances will be discussed with the other school. Additional evidence may be asked for.


Holiday Requests