Welcome to Holly Class

In Holly class, we enjoy learning and have fun. This page is to share our experiences and our work. If you would like to find out anything that is not on this website, then please drop in and see us.


Who’s who?


Miss Emma Wyatt – Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Miss Nathalie Knight – Teacher

Mrs Jayne Grasby – Higher Level Teaching Assistant




On every other Monday, beginning 19th September, Holly Class will be going into the Forest School area for an outdoor science lesson. All children will need ‘old’ clothes; a long sleeved top, trousers and wellington boots. An old waterproof coat is also recommended as we will be going out in all weathers.

Homework will be sent out in green ‘Home Learning’ books on Fridays. This will consist of an English task, such as spellings, and a Maths task. Alongside this, all children have a reading book sent home. Children should be reading at least 3 times a week, and this book can be brought in on any day to change.


Stone Age to Iron Age. 

This term, our topic is Stone Age to Iron Age, where we will be looking at the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age.



This is the basic structure of our week, but this may change.

Template timetable

Show and tell timetable

Each week, three children are asked to bring in an item to discuss, or have something to discuss with the class. This will take place on Friday afternoons with Mrs Chesterman.

Below is the planned timetable for Show and Tell, but this may change and will be updated on this webpage.

Show and tell rota


Spring term Holly Class letter

Welcome to Holly Class letter


Maths Week

From Monday 27th to Friday 31st March, we will be participating in a whole school Maths Week. In this week we will be doing tasks and activities related to Maths topics, both covered and new. Keep posted for details and photos of our week.


World Book Day

For World Book Day on the 2nd March, we all dressed up as characters from books by our favourite authors. We also spent the afternoon indulging in our love of reading, sharing stories within the class, and using Purple Mash to show our love of reading and books. Some groups even acted out the book they had chosen.



For our PE lessons in the first half of the Spring term, we have been learning, and experimenting with, different gymnastics movements and equipment. For the final lesson, we performed gymnastics movements in the style of a chosen animal. Click a link to see the videos of some of these performances.

Chicken Owl


Cave Paintings

We have been learning about the ways that Pre-historic people communicated with each other and future generations, by drawing and painting. We have used modern and pre-historic techniques to create our Cave Paintings. Pop in to have a look at our Cave and our displays.

IMG_0319 IMG_0320 IMG_0321


In our Outdoor Lesson on Monday 7th November, we learned about habitats and made habitats for our animals to live in from materials we found in the Forest School area.


This group made a habitat for a Polar Bear, using cold, wet logs as ice.


The habitat for the Deers was made from sticks, with shelter from the rain provided by the tree above.


Some blue wool this group found was used to show the top of the river that the Crocodile lives in and around.


This group used sticks and leaves to make a comfortable place for their Elephant to rest and sleep.


This group made a shelter for Penguins from sticks leant against the fence.


This group made an enclosure to fill with water for their fish to live in.


For the Eagle, this group cleared an area, and used sticks to create a nest.


To keep the Camel warm, this group decided to raise it from the ground, and built this structure to keep the Camel from getting cold feet!


Body Music

This half term, in Music with Mrs Grasby we have been learning to make music using our bodies.

These are some videos of us performing our music about the Weather.


Marvellous Medicine Day

On Friday 16th September, we had our Marvellous Medicine Day, to celebrate Roald Dahl’s 100th birthday.

We did a series of experiments and the teachers dressed as scientists.










We put skittles onto a plate and added water. Look what happened! The colour spread out from the skittles, but did not touch the next colour.  










We put some baking powder into a cup, and added white vinegar. It fizzed up, and it over flowed!










We also made Chocolate Cornflake Cakes with marshmallows, sprinkles and Gummy sweets. 










While we were waiting for our Chocolate Cornflake Cakes to cool, we drew and named our own Marvellous Medicines.

Updated March 2017