Welcome to Holly Class!

In Holly Class we enjoy learning and making friends. We follow the golden rules and place kindness at the centre of of our class ethos.

Please have a read of our class letter: Holly class welcome letter

Meet our team:

Mrs Lucy Gosden – Class teacher

Mrs Stephanie Barratt

Mrs Kelly Millett

Our Timetable:

Everyday we begin the day with a morning challenge before our register. We follow this with our guided reading session and then Mathematics. Afterwards we join the school outside for whole school playtime before our English session. After English we have lunchtime and then our afternoons are filled with our topic work.



Place value

Counting in steps of 2, 3 and 5, reading and writing numbers to at least 100 in numerals and words, recognising the place value of each digit in a two digit number (tens and units), identify, represent and estimate numbers to 100, compare numbers using <, > and = signs and using place value and number facts to solve problems.

Click here to watch Elsie explain how tens and ones work

Addition and Subtraction

Use addition and subtraction facts to 20 and use related facts to 100, add and subtract including: a 2-digit number and ones, a 2-digit number and tens, two 2-digit numbers and 3 1-digit numbers, solving problems involving addition and subtraction, and recognising the use of inverse relationship between addition and subtraction.

Multiplication and Division

Recall and use multiplication and division facts for the 2, 5 and 10 times tables, recognising odd and even numbers, using the x, ÷ and = symbols, solving multiplication and division problems using mental and written methods and that multiplication is commutative.


Recognise pounds (£) and pence (p). Make amounts with different coins.


We will be exploring a mixture of stories and poetry from around the world to help us with our topic. We will be picking them apart to look at the grammar and what makes a good story. This will help us with our writing.

We have studied the story of the Magic Paintbrush as a warning tale and we are now looking at weather poems. As our ‘Wow’ starter we went down into our forest school area to search for signs of Autumn.

Click here to watch our weather poem performance.

Guided reading

We will have daily sessions with a grown up to explore comprehension and language features.

Harvest Festival:

We have recently visited St Barts church as part of our Harvest Celebration day where we showed our thanks to God for the Harvest he has provided. We sang a song called ‘In the Autumn’

Postcards from…

Our topic this term is ‘Postcards from around the world’. We will be looking at our place in the world as well as studying a non European country on our Diwali Celebration day on Thursday 19th October. We will be looking at where the UK is in the world and what our climate is based on our position in the world. We will also be looking at the weather in the UK and we will create weather gauges to track the changes throughout Autumn and into Winter. We have studied the different cloud types and created cloud collages based on these and the work of John Constable and Luke Howard.

As part of our topic we have written postcards to a school in Poland which were hand delivered to them. We thought about what we liked about living in Crewkerne and also asked them some questions about life in Poland.

 Our fun breaktime!

On Wednesday 22nd November a huge leaf fight broke out in the playground! The leaves were such beautiful colours and the wind had picked up which meant the conditions were perfect for a whole school leaf fight!! The children had great fun throwing leaves at the teachers and the teachers enjoyed throwing the leaves in the sky so that the wind made them fall on their heads! Here’s a video of the fun we had:

‘I got leaves all down my shirt!’ Bailey

‘The leaf fight was brilliant!’ James

‘I liked throwing leaves at Mrs Gosden!’ Alfie

‘We loved it!’ Bryonee

‘The leaves looked like a tornado’ Caelan

‘It was awesome’ Lily

‘I had a leaf shower!’ Elsie