Welcome to Hazel Class

Welcome to Hazel Class! We are a mixed Year One and Year Two class with a love for learning! Keep up to date with all of the fun things that we are doing in Hazel Class here on our page. For more information about life in Hazel Class, look at our latest newsletter.

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Who’s who?

Miss Rebecca Williams – Teacher

Miss Emma Wyatt – Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs Kelly Millett – Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Miss Ellie Martin – Teaching Assistant


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Mrs Tina Chesterman – Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs Jayne Grasby – Higher Level Teaching Assistant

What we think

“I like Hazel Class because I like helping people. I like playing with my friends, doing number work, writing stories and the other fun things we do in Hazel.”

Imogen – Year 2 – Hazel Class

“I like Hazel Class because it is nice and friendly. It is the friendliest place of all!”

Sophie S – Year 2 – Hazel Class

“I like Hazel Class because I like the reading we do. We get to write fun things like the Selfish Crocodile and we get to learn by doing fun things!”

Alfie – Year 1 – Hazel Class

“I like Hazel Class because people are kind.”

Bryonee – Year 1 – Hazel Class

“I like Hazel Class because the teachers are kind and I like the stuff that we do. I like everything!”

Dolson – Year 2 – Hazel Class

“I like Hazel Class because I have made new friends. We have the star of the day which is colourful. That’s why I am trying to work hard. Our teachers are nice too!”

Kamil – Year 2 – Hazel Class

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Our Topics


During the Spring term we are basing our topic about ‘Belonging’. We will be looking at where we live in the world, our local area and comparing our local area with contrasting areas.

Our Science work will be materials and we will be identifying the properties of different materials and thinking about their suitability for different purposes.





Roald Dahl birthday quiz - how well do you know your Dahl? Quentin Blake

This Autumn term we are learning about Roald Dahl, linked to the celebration of his 100th birthday in September. We have already had a fantastic time at our ‘Marvellous Medicine’ day. We loved doing some whizzy and exciting experiments! For more information about our topic, look at our topic web.

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dahl-colours-library        15-childrens-book-roald-dahl-collection

Our Timetable

Click the link below to see our class timetable. We usually follow this timetable but it is subject to change based on exciting things happening at school, the weather and other changes that we see suitable. We are always very busy n Hazel Class! Take a look at some of the things we do.



January 2017 – Dragon Egg

How exciting! We found a dragon egg in the Millennium Garden! We have put it in a cosy box to keep it warm and safe until it hatches. We have thought lots about what the dragon might look like. We hope the dragon’s mummy doesn’t come and get us!

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Making bird feeders in Forest School with Mrs Hooper


December 2016 – Ambulance visit

Look at all of the pictures of our visit from the ambulance. We had a super talk from the paramedics and found out about their job and how we contact the ambulance when we need them. Then we got to take in turns going into the ambulance on the electric ramp! We explored inside the ambulance, looking at some equipment the paramedics use and we also had a go at CPR, in a wheelchair and with a splint. We all learnt a lot and had a great time trying out the equipment!

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November 2016 – Curling Taster

We had great fun on Friday 15th November when we all went and had a go at curling. We learnt the best technique and that we had to use quite a lot of force because the stones were quite heavy! We all had a great time and improved lots from the start of our workshop to the end. We had a competition to see who could get the closest to the middle of the target and our winners were Zac, Harry and Sophie B but everybody was fantastic! We had a great time and tried hard at something new.

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November 2016 – Fire Service Talk

We had a visit from the fire service today. They talked to use all about how we can make sure we are safe and things that can help us like fire alarms. We asked lots of great questions!

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November 2016 – Little Red Hen

We had a special visitor to our classroom this morning – the Little Red Hen! She came in to visit us and we wrote lots of questions that we would like to ask her to learn more about the story and it’s characters. We asked her some of these questions and she told us lots more information.

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November 2016 – Bread making

We have had a great morning making delicious bread just like the Little Red Hen! We got a bit messy but the bread rolls we made were huge and very tasty. We were surprised at how much the dough rose when we left it to prove.

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October 2016 – Autumn Welly Walk

This morning we put our warm coats and wellies on and made the most of our fantastic outdoor environment! As the start of our new English topic of autumn poetry and our science work on weather and seasons, we went into the forest area with Ash class to have a hunt for some signs of autumn. We found lots! We then discussed our senses and used our sight, hearing, smelling and touching to describe what it was like in the environmental area on this autumn morning. We had a great time! This will really help our poetry work.

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