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Welcome to Hazel Class! We are a Year One class with a love for learning! Keep up to date with all of the fun things that we are doing in Hazel Class here on our page.  Scroll down to take a look at how we are currently making the most of learning at home.

Who’s who? 

Mrs Jess Craig Teacher – Fridays

Mrs Sharon Bell HLTA and ELSA

Miss Hannah Osborne Apprentice Teaching Assistant

Mrs Lucy Gosden Class teacher Monday – Thursday









Virtual Classroom

Whist our school is closed for social distancing, I am posting Hazel Class’s efforts at home on here. Celebrating your time at home and wow moments. Send me your pictures and updates for a special mention.

Pop on to check out who has achieved a green leaf and to watch for the house point running total…

Hazel Class’s House Points, week beginning 6th July 2020

Winyard – 10

Bincombe  – 15

Seaborough – 13

Windwhistle – 18

This work from Jimmy has really put a smile on my face! Look at him as an astronaut!

Look at this awesome work from Dylan. I love the cat drawing he did based on the book Look Up! Also a joke from Dylan…What is a space man’s favourite chocolate? A Mars bar!!

Image preview Image preview Image preview Image preview

Green leaves 3.7.20

Well done Dylan for your 200 reads!

Dylan 200 reads

Charlotte really enjoyed this week’s planning about music. She has listened to lots of music and enjoyed watching the video of the sad musician.

Dylan has asked some excellent questions from our Humanism planning this week. They have certainly made me think…

How many numbers are in 469?
Do foxes ever choke on bones?
Is there Corona Virus on other planets?
Could there be bears hiding in the forest behind your house?
Could a house fall over without anything hitting it?
Are trolls even real?
William has been working hard again! Here is a selection of the wonderful work he has been doing. I love the card he has made for a family member and his wonderful drawing.
Ben enjoyed the music this week and has completed a picture of the four seasons. He also tried out some of the experiments from his school reading book. Here he is trying an experiment making raisins dance in a glass by mixing water, baking soda and vinegar!
Super work here from the lovely Levi! Well done superstar!

Look at this absolute superstar! On Saturday 20th June Poppy completed a 8k Rainbow ? Run/Walk for the Children’s Hospice South West. She raised £95. She loved it and would have kept on walking!

We are VERY proud of you Poppy!

Image preview Image preview

At school this week we have been asking lots of questions! We have been looking at Humanists and understand how much they value being curious so we have written down our questions. We realise that the important part of asking questions is then answering them ourselves by researching and looking for evidence.

  1. How are quad-bikes made?
  2. What was old fashioned football called?
  3. How do you get to be a good gamer?
  4. Why are games being made about Sonic by Sega?
  5. How do you build a house on Minecraft?
  6. How was football made?
  7. How do you make toys?
  8. How did birds come from dinosaurs?

Charlotte was asking lots of questions about how clouds and rain are made so she has been looking on Google and has watched some videos and made a poster all about it. She’s really enjoyed finding it all and taking it all in. Well done Charlotte!

Image preview

Look at this super leaflet about Madrid that Jimmy has written!

Image preview

Dylan has done a wonderful painting of a Sea Turtle following an online webinar. I am very impressed!

Image preview

26.6.2020 Green Leaves


Dylan has been working hard again this week! Here he is writing down his 5 words for the shape poem. There are also extra pictures of all his amazing work. Well done Dylan!

Mason has been working hard! Here I have added; some wonderful maths, an excellent flag he has invented, fruity adjectives and a list that shows what makes our world special. Well done Mason!

Beauden has been working hard at home. Check out his wonderful letter and his fab pictures of emergency vehicles!


Some of our lovely class have been working in the KIWI (keyworker) group this week. They have had a lovely time in the Forest School as nature detectives. They’ve identified minibeasts using ID charts, made bug hotels using toilet tubes, sawn up logs to make a habitat heap, learnt about life cycles and made clay models of butterfly cycle, identified trees using leaves, drilled holes to make bee hotels, made ‘heffalump’ traps to catch and identify minibeasts (pitfall traps), made natural mobiles, made bird boxes to put up and made bird feeders. What a super week!!

Image preview Image preview Image preview

Ben has been working hard with his new invention – the Impossibot! He has also created a wonderful front cover.

Image preview Image preview









19.6.2020 Hazel Green Leaves

Jimmy has made a wonderful timeline about Mary Seacole. Well done Jimmy!

Image preview

What super writing from Ethan! He has really enjoyed learning about Kings and has drawn a wonderful front cover to go with the story he created in school.

Image preview 

Look at this lovely poster from Dylan. A reminder to stay safe and also to pop your rubbish in the bin!

Image preview Image preview Image preview

Mason S has been doing some amazing writing. Loving that handwriting 🙂 He’s also been working hard with his maths too.

Have a look at this super story from Dylan:

12.6.2020 Hazel Green Leaves

Well done to William who has got his 300 reads certificate!

1.6.2020 Green Leaves PDF
18.5.20 continued
15.5.2020 Hazel Green Leaves
15.5. weeks highlights
12.5 website



Welcome back after the Easter Break, here is our New Class Topic for the Summer Term