Welcome to our virtual Beech Class!

Mrs Hooper – your virtual teacher

Whilst our school is closed for social distancing, I will be posting regular updates on everything that we are all doing. Send me photos of your work and wow moments and I will put it on here for everyone to celebrate.

Find out who has achieved a green leaf, who has been put on the proud wall and who has earned housepoints. Watch for that running total…

Winyard – 40

Bincombe  – 35

Seaborough – 36

Windwhistle – 66

Mrs Hooper’s Easter Challenge

Tuesday 7th April

I hope you are all enjoying your Easter break and not having to do your distance learning this week. I’ve had a few photos through of the different things you have been doing at home, here are some of them:

Sophie has made a rainbow using chromatography (use a felt tip pen to draw a dot on kitchen roll, then place it in water and watch the magic happen) and she’s written the Easter story

Henry wrote a detailed diary about last week:

James has made a brilliant Easter Garden and Lily and Bryonee have made Easter baskets – I hope the Easter bunny is generous…

Friday 3rd April

We’ve made it to the end of term 🙂

It was great to see all your hard work again yesterday, here are some of the Easter stories you wrote and lots of you have been busy drawing Easter gardens, making bonnets and Patryk even made an Easter garden. Here are some of your photos:

These are some more pictures of your purses you’ve been busy making as well:

Congratulations to Alfie and Elsie you have earned our Green Leaves for this week.

Housepoints awarded yesterday:

2 points: Theo, Milo, Keira, Katie, Alfie H, Summer H, Lily

3 points: Henry, Alfie S, Patryk, Evie, Bryonee, Elsie, Tiffaney

5 points: James

Thursday 2nd April

I had another great day in school yesterday with our Key Worker children, we spent most of our day outside again and this time we made bread rolls over the fire – they tasted delicious, especially with melted chocolate inside them.

You have all been busy making your purses for DT, they look fantastic. Here are some pictures of you making them, the finished articles and your evaluations.


Milo and Keira had very creative days yesterday, Milo has been cooking and designing a lego mansion (with a secret base) and Keira has been writing a song.

Congratulations to Leanne, she has earned her 80 reads certificate.

Congratulations to Bryonee she has earned her Pen Licence.

Housepoints awarded yesterday:

2 points: Henry, Leanne, Alfie S, Patryk, Bryonee, Lily

3 points: Sophie, Milo, Keira, Evie

Wednesday 1st April

Wow, April already, where has that time gone? I was in school all day yesterday looking after our Key Worker children with Mr Forsey. We had a lovely day, joining in with Joe Wicks, digging the planter boxes on the playground and cooking smores on the fire at forest school. I’m in school again today, we are hoping to plant some onion sets (baby onions) and make bread rolls on the fire after doing our school work.

I was really impressed to read that Henry was so keen to get on with his school work yesterday that he was up early and even stayed in his pyjamas. Well done Henry.

Here are some more pictures of the delicious cooking you have all been doing.

These are some of the diaries that have been written about your cooking:


Elsie has made her own obstacle course in the garden to keep her active.

Elsie has also been making a puzzle of Europe and Milo has been busy planting seeds.

Housepoints awarded yesterday:

2 points: Sophie, Mary, Henry, Leanne, Theo, Milo, Keira, Alfie S, Patryk, Annabelle, Evie, James, Bryonee, Alfie H, Leah, Summer, Lily, Tiffaney

3 points: Elsie

Tuesday 31st March

Wow, your maths challenge measuring and cooking has been amazing. You have created some delicious looking cakes and treats, I only wish I could taste them all. Here are some pictures to show all the things you have been making:

The geography games have also been good fun, lots of family challenges happening…

Alfie S and Patryk have made rainbow pictures to put up and Alfie H has been masterchef helping to make tea

Housepoints awarded yesterday:

1 point: Summer

2 points: Lily, Elsie, Bryonee, Katie, Alfie S, Theo, Henry

3 points: Evie, James

4 points: Patryk

5 points: Sophie, Leanne, Keira, Alfie H

Monday 30th March

I enjoyed reading all your diary entries for last week, I think everyone is missing seeing their friends but we are all enjoying working from home and spending time with our families. Daisy has been searching for buried treasure in her garden and Milo is doing the 30 day Lego Challenge.

Summer couldn’t wait to start this week’s maths activities, she’s been busy making a malteser cake.

Congratulations to Milo, he has earned his 100 reads certificate.

Housepoints for Friday:

2 points: Alfie H, Sophie, Dominik, Milo, Keira, Annabelle, Katie, Daisy, Evie, James, Elsie, Summer

3 points: Alfie S, Leah

Friday 27th March

It was great to see all your history work yesterday, it looks like you all enjoyed finding out about Roman weapons.

Here are some photos of some of your work.


Here are some of the other things you got up to yesterday – some more spring pictures, maths games on line, working at the kitchen table, playing outside and PE with Joe.


Elsie has a book recommendation for us, she wrote a review about

The Person Controller by David Baddiel

Congratulations to Evie and Keira, they have earned reading certificates for 150 and 250 reads

Congratulations to Henry and Summer, they have earned our Green Leaves for this week

Housepoints for yesterday:

1 point: Leah

2 points: Mary,

3 points: Sophie, Henry, Leanne, Milo, Alfie S, Katie, Daisy, James, Bryonee, Elsie, Alfie H, Summer, Lily

4 points: Keira, Evie

I’ve nearly finished digging my veggie patch ready for planting, here’s a photo of me with Dougal in the garden.

Have a lovely weekend, stay safe and I look forward to seeing all your work next week.

Thursday 26th March

I received some fantastic stories to read yesterday, it was great to see you all making a huge effort to use all the skills you have learnt in school. I also enjoyed seeing photos of your art work inspired by spring, helping us to remember our school vision: ‘Life in all its fullness.’ John 10:10

It was also great to see the other things you had been up to.

Housepoints awarded yesterday:

1 point: Mary, James, Leah, Summer

2 points: Milo, Alfie S, Patryk, Alfie H, Katie

3 points: Sophie, Keira, Bryonee, Elsie, Lily, Tiffaney

4 points: Henry, Evie

Wednesday 25th March

Wow, you were all very busy yesterday, here are some photos of all the different things you have been up to:

Congratulations to Sophie who has earned her 150 reads certificate:

I thought you also might like to see how our broad bean seeds have grown – I’m looking after them at home and have planted some for myself as well – do you like my recycled newspaper pots?

Housepoints awarded yesterday:

1 point: Katie,

2 points: Henry, Milo, Bryonee, Summer, Lily

3 points: Sophie, Annabelle, Evie, James, Elsie, Alfie H, Tiffaney

Tuesday 24th March

Thank you for all your email replies and photos yesterday, it was lovely to see how you had all got on with the various tasks and taking part in the Joe Wicks PE lesson. Summer your pasta bake looks delicious, I hope all your family enjoyed eating it with you.

Housepoints awarded yesterday:

1 point: Sophie, Mary, Henry, Leanne, Alfie S, Katie, James, Elsie, Tiffaney

2 points: Theo, Milo, Keira, Bryonee, Alfie H, Leah, Lily

3 points: Summer

Well done to you all. I look forward to finding out how you got on with today’s work.

Monday 23rd March

Housepoints for Theo and Leah – Theo has been busy taking part in an online PE lesson and Leah has been doing her book review – well done to both of you 🙂