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Who’s who?

Mrs Mel Hooper – Class Teacher

Mrs Tina Chesterman – Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Beech Class learning about elderberries with Mrs Hooper

Beech Class learning about elderberries with Mrs Hooper

Making Blaprumble biscuits with Mrs Chesterman on Marvellous Medicine Day.

Making Blaprumble biscuits with Mrs Chesterman on Marvellous Medicine Day.

May 2017

As part of our outdoor lesson today we used the natural environment to inspire us as writers. Everyone had to find a place to sit, watch and listen for 10 minutes, making a map of sights and sounds. After that we used our maps to write about the natural environment. Some people chose to write poems and some people chose to write information pieces. Some of our work is now on display. Being wild writers completes another of our RSPB Wild Challenges.

April 2017

We had a brilliant outdoor lesson today. We have decided to complete the RSPB Wild Challenge Bronze Award. So, we made a habitat home. First we dug a trench. Then we choose logs to put in the trench – some had to be sawn up. Unfortunately, our saw horse is still waiting to be put together, so Mrs Hooper did the sawing and some of the children helped to hold the logs. Our finished habitat home looked amazing and had worms and woodlice moving in straight away – with a bit of help from the children of course! You could try the Wild Challenge at home as well – it is open to anyone.

Copies of the class letter and topic overview can be seen by clicking on the links below:

Beech class topic web summer2017 summer parent letter 2017 – Copy

March 2017

Easter Day

We had a good time in the wildlife area using natural materials to make an Easter garden. Can you spot the crosses and tombs? We also had fun decorating our hard boiled eggs, thinking about new beginnings and then using the eggs for racing on the playground. Some eggs definitely lasted better than others…

Maths Week – our trip to Waitrose, Superbuy and the Church. In Waitrose the children were challenged to choose their ideal lunch, find the most expensive and cheapest item in a section, find the cost of ingredients for making a cake and to find out where some of the fruit and vegetables had been grown. In Superbuy they had the chance to spend their pound and at the church we looked for shapes, lines and symmetry. Oh and we also had the chance to find two geocaches. A very busy morning.


KILVE 2017

Day 3

Last activities all completed, it has been a fantastic three days.

Breakfast time

Ashlands were all up, dressed and packed, ready for breakfast by 8.15am?

Day 2

Another busy day of activities with lots of fun and laughter. Most people have tested the showers this evening and everyone is now dressed up waiting for the disco to start.

8.15am – up playing games, STILL waiting for breakfast. It has been a long two hours!


6.15am – WE’RE AWAKE!! All the children were asleep by 10.15pm (closely followed by Mrs H and Mrs M) but with the sun shining brightly straight into our bedroom windows everyone is now wide awake. The only problem – wake up bell is at 7.45am and breakfast isn’t until 8.30am. This could be a long two hours…

IMG_1035 IMG_1036 IMG_1039 IMG_1040 IMG_1043IMG_1042IMG_1041IMG_1038IMG_1037

Day 1

Clean plate awards – toad in the hole, pasta or salad, followed by ice-cream with waffles. Now for the evening activity – Cluedo in the dark…

IMG_1031 IMG_1032 IMG_1033 IMG_1034

We arrived just in time for lunch – burgers and smilies, then it was straight into the afternoon activities: team building, wall climbing, grass sledging and mountain biking.

IMG_1006 IMG_1005 IMG_1025 IMG_1013


Waiting for the bus… (a replacement bus as the first one has broken down outside Misterton School).

IMG_0994 IMG_0995 IMG_0996

Outdoor lesson – Friday 17th March

We had a brilliant team work morning in the forest school. Minnie became our ‘official photographer’ whilst everyone had another go at flint knapping, clearing brambles and finishing the planting of our 60 trees. Mrs Chesterman also tested out our new kettle and fire grid, making hot chocolate and cooking sausages.

DSC00210         DSC00232 DSC00247 DSC00232 DSC00230 DSC00227 DSC00224 DSC00223 DSC00220 DSC00218 DSC00212 DSC00211

Sixty trees have arrived in school – these were free from the Woodland Trust. Beech Class have been helping to clear an area of the Forest School to plant the new trees as a hedge.


Year 4 had a fantastic day on their Pilgrimage to Wells Cathedral as the first part of their transition to middle school. They took part in different activities and met children from different first schools across Somerset including some from Misterton, Haselbury and St Bartholomews.

IMG_6593 IMG_6596 IMG_6600 IMG_6601 IMG_6611

February 2017

We had a fantastic time at New Barn Field Centre. The weather didn’t dampen our enthusiasm as we learnt all about farming, food preparation, weapons, medicines, clay pots and painting in the Stone Age.

DSC00026 DSC00029 DSC00036 DSC00047 DSC00062 DSC00063 DSC00071 DSC00074 DSC00126 DSC00145

December 2016

The Christmas Production rehearsals have been going well. Here is a sneak preview of the show from our dress rehearsal yesterday.

img_0073 img_0009 img_0019 img_0028 img_0035 img_0047 img_0061 img_0093

November 2016

Year 4 Project homework

Well done to all of Year 4, your homework projects were brilliant.


In our Outdoor Lesson this week we had fun making mud muffins. We wrote a class set of instructions for making mud muffins as part of our English work. We couldn’t use all the ingredients in the instructions, but we enjoyed getting very muddy!

img_6430 img_6432 img_6434 img_6426 img_6428 img_6429

October 2016

In our Outdoor Lesson this week, we followed instructions to try and light a fire using firesteels.

pa140083 pa140084 pa140085 pa140086 pa140087 pa140088

Masterchef Meets Bake-Off: for our instruction writing WOW starter, Mrs Chesterman turned the classroom into a studio whilst making delicious seasonal vegetable soup.

pa110084 pa110083

Playing games to help us learn our times tables and division facts.

Playing games to help us learn our times tables and division facts.

pa070088 pa070089 pa070090

Another maths game for you to play –  using Roman numerals.

Roman Numeral Challenge

Follow this link to practice your rounding skills at home. Try each of the different interactive games.


September 2016

This term our whole school topic is Fizzwhizzing Snozzcumbers. In Beech Class we will be finding out about the life of Roald Dahl and the places he lived and worked in, particularly in Somerset. This is our overview for the whole term.


You can see the Autumn Parent letter here:


Our first outdoor lesson – seasonal fruits. Peeling apples; making blackberry and apple stew on the fire; tasting the blackberries and apples; picking elderberries to make elderberry syrup (Marvellous Medicine).

p9150085 p9150086 p9150087 p9150088 p9150091 p9150093 p9150094 p9150096 p9150097 p9150098 p9150099

Very exciting in class today – first time using the brass instruments. Everyone did very well and managed to blow raspberries to make their instrument work! They’ll be coming home soon…

Step 1 - using the mouthpiece to play a tune.

Step 1 – using the mouthpiece to play a tune.

Step 2 - playing the full instrument. They were all brilliant.

Step 2 – playing the full instrument. They were all brilliant.

In RE we wrote our own class lunchtime prayer. This is our prayer: