Welcome to Ash Class

Hello and welcome to Ash class. We are a Reception class of 30 children with one class teacher and one teaching assistant.

We take our learning seriously but have a lot of fun inside and outside the classroom. Bringing the learning to life, making it real and sharing the learning with our family and friends. We never forget how blessed we are to have a great school and know how important it is to try hard and enjoy ourselves.

Who’s who?

Mr William Pearse– Class Teacher and Senior Lead

Mrs Leigh Chick– Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Miss Jasmine Sweet – Teaching Assistant

Maths has lead us into money; adding amounts, giving change, saving money at home, visiting shops, using numbers above ten and twenty.

We have spent a lot of time making maths real and putting it into context which we feel is very important.
Other things we have been up to this term.
  • Getting messy
  • Problem solving
  • Forest school
  • Community time
  • Visiting places in our community
  • Parent afternoon
  • Developing our learning area togther
Other things to expect in reception;
  • Welly walks
  • Singing and dancing
  • Outdoor learning
  • Special visitors
  • Assemblies
  • Swimming
  • Reflection time
  • Mixed curriculum across the 17 areas of EYFS
  • Investigations
  • Physical development
  • Surprises
  • engaging environment

We pride ourselves on supporting the children through the early years and making sure they succeed. We care about their passions and interests, linking their learning to something which inspires them.


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