After School Clubs

At Ashlands C of E First School, we provide a wide range of extra curricular clubs, some of which we have linked to Misterton C of E First School to provide. These clubs include sports, crafts and other activities which the children enjoy.

All clubs, except Dance, run from 3:30pm to 4:30pm.


On Tuesdays, we provide a Dance club, where children learn a range of styles, to use with a variety of music, run by an external coach.


Multi Skills

We also have an external coach who teaches Multi skills on Tuesdays. This provides the children with a range of skills to equip them for a range of sports and games.


Forest School

Mrs Hooper runs a Forest School club on Tuesdays, where children learn to set fires, cook on an open flame, build shelters and explore the natural Forest School environment we are lucky enough to offer.



Miss Ball runs Choir club on Wednesday lunchtimes, where children learn to sing a range of songs, from a variety of genres and styles. As well as learning different techniques used in choir singing.



On Wednesdays, at Misterton C of E First School, we provide a club for children to play football, and to learn new skills that they can apply to their games.



Miss Knight runs a Gardening club on Wednesdays, we maintain the planters and outside areas in the school.

Here is a photo of us enjoying eating some of the broad beans we have grown.


Mr Coath runs a LEGO club on Thursdays, where children from any class can build their own creations using the range of LEGO bricks provided.



Miss Knight runs a film club for Years 2, 3 and 4, where they watch a range of age appropriate films, discuss them and take part in activities based on the film. The club then review the films they have watched.

We made ourselves and our friends into Minions after watching the film of the same name.